Hannah Weinberger
28. April – 1. Mai 2016

For the Gallery Weekend 2016 the Schinkel Pavillon presents new performance by Hannah Weinberger titled Performance Performance as part of the series Porzellan und Vulkan (Porcelain and Volcano) a yearlong programme that surveys forms of collaborative work as a strategy in current artistic practice.

Hannah Weinberger’s work results from a close and on-going engagement with her surroundings, in order to enable responsive relationships between her work and her audiences. Music and sound are central elements for her practice. For PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE Hannah Weinberger invited a diverse group of 15 musicians to the Schinkel Klause to create a social space through music. The work is a new production by Weinberger but is created in close collaboration with the group of invited musicians throughout Gallery Weekend. Concert, street and amateur musicians come together for the piece in a canon and develop their individual style based on atmospheric directives created by Weinberger. The collective play in the Klause replaces the street as the traditional site for musical exchange before it was replaces by platforms such as


Through the joint production of music something develops that could be called a «social concert», which diffuses the division between listeners and performers and emphasises the many complex relationships that we enter into on a daily basis in social spaces. The shared experience of music questions what we understand as professionalism and creates awareness for the changeability of the aesthetic, social and cultural relationships that determine our everyday. The constantly evolving constellation of musicians and their movements in the space creates a situation in which the work assembles itself anew for each visitor.