Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff
Schinkel Klause
23. März – 15. Mai 2016

The fading tromp l’oeil from Schinkel Klause’s days as a restaurant during the DDR will be painted gray and renovated into an exhibition space for the Schinkel Pavillon this summer. Over the next six weeks, concerts will fill the space in and around the Schinkel Klause before its renovation, and before the tenants move into the new Kronprinzengärten condominiums under construction a few meters away — the same construction which destroyed the foundation of the neighboring Schinkel-designed Friedrichswerdersche Kirche. The brick church is now collapsing in on itself, held up internally by the scaffolding that also wraps every building surrounding it. The concerts will take place in the evening, transitioning into darkness, and soon into summer.

with ongoing installations and works by Grayson Revoir, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff, and Marlene McCarty

concerts at Schinkel Klause:

March 23rd
James Whipple: Palace Express Center

April 1st
Juliette Blightman: Nightshift

April 17th
Michael Kleine: piccolo balletto
mit Tanz, Blockflöte und Cembalo
Adrian Navarro, Anna Fusek und Roman Lemberg

April 22nd
Leila Hekmat: The French Mistake
with original music by Elisabeth Wood
written with Mia von Matt
with choreography by Tarren Johnson
starring Catalin Jugravu, Roman Ole, Ande Pramuk and Magdalena Mittelhofer

April 29th – May 1st

May 5th
HSBC (Heatsick & Bassclef): Travelogue
with visual accompaniment by Enver Hadzijaj

May 6th & 7th
Grayson Revoir: Wedding Season Has Begun

May 8th
a concert by Dan Bodan and Saliva

May 13
Skarbek (Blind Snake, Silver, Riddle)
a play by Antje Majewski
with music by Katrin Vellrath
and libretto by Sebastian Cichocki
featuring Ilona Gumowska in a solo dance performance

May 15
with concerts and installations by Karl Holmqvist, Kontakt Sappho, Bill Kouligas with Lars Holdhus and Martin Kohout, Emanuel Rossetti, Neda Sanai and Dennis Tyfus