Oscar Tuazon
Spams of Misuse
26. April – 9. Juni 2013

“When you built a new room, that was supposed to make the world a bit bigger. It don’t come out that way when I do it, let me tell you. Still though I can’t say that really explains it for me. I’m looking at it close, got the surface of my eyeballs practically grazing the damn surface of the plaster, and I can’t shake the overwhelming suspicion that this room is fall down drunk, man. When you go around sticking a plumber’s masonry bit in the wall like I do, sometimes you’ll hit a nerve, tap a live wire, get your hair done in, that’s more or less inevitable—pray it’s not the main— and which, like I said, is another subtle reminder that, man, things run things. Fuck it and find out. The most basic form of painting, which I guess nobody has figured out how to make money off of yet, is just white paint on drywall. (Workin on it.) That’s real illusionistic painting. Living in a white room, living in a ram’s skull, whatever you want to call it it’s mostly air.” Oscar Tuazon

Der in Los Angeles lebende Künstler Oscar Tuazon hat für den Schinkel Pavillon eine raumgreifende Skulptur entwickelt. Sie basiert auf drei Modulen, ein gleichseitiges Dreieck, ein Quadrat oder ein Parallelogramm, die Tuazon zu verschiedenen Raum und Durchgangsituationen anordnet. In ihrer Komplexität und Größe widersetzt sich die Stahlskulptur dem transparenten Glaspavillon.