Isa Genzken
28. January – 11. March 2012

“To make a jokey film is incredibly difficult. And it only works with the most simple means, i.e. NO BUDGET. And of course I always have to think of Buster Keaton, which feels truly liberating.“ Isa Genzken

On the opening weekend of the exhibition Hallelujah the Schinkel Pavillon presents the new film by Isa Genzken Die Kleine Bushaltestelle (Gerüstbau), shot in cooperation with Kai Althoff between 2007 and 2010. The film, a fascinating combination of play and genuineness, is made of a series of improvised episodes, in which the artists are the protagonists and play complementary roles.

Besides sculptures, collages and wall drawings by Isa Genzken can be seen at the Schinkel Pavillon. The wall pieces are characterized by the connection between autobiographic documents, animal pictures, varnish, strips of wallpaper and reflective foil, which is typical for Isa Genzken. The sculptures consist of clad MDF-boxes upon which the artist positioned chairs, especially Kartell’s Frilly Chairs and the LCP Chaise Longue. They are wedged inside one another and are complemented by toys.