Alpina Huus
House of Deep Transformation in 11 Acts
28. March 2015

4 pm to 2 am

ALPINA HUUS is a day of performances articulated around communal practice within domestic environments, and the use of performance as a subtle act of utopian resistance. The Schinkel Pavillon is transformed into an invisible stage for a day of continuous performative experiments, where multiple narratives tangle and untangle among an audience that never fully knows what is or isn’t staged. The line between a spectacle and the typical course of an art gathering is blurred, pushing the limits of, and sometimes merging private and public spheres.

Unstaged performance is bound to act as a stimulus that is almost invisible; the banal converges with the exceptional, with performers and props blending among the audience and vice versa. The performer is not placed on a stage, but rather hijacks a social spectacle that is already and inevitably occuring. Starting in the day and amplifying as the night falls, the script is devised according to an intuitive schedule, from clubbing to bed time story scenarios.

With performances, actions, and interventions by:

Pauline Beaudemont, Donatella Bernardi, Laurent Bruttin, Maud Constantin, Dawn Mok, Christopher Füllemann, Gilles Furtwängler, Julian Goethe, Lauren Huret, Wojciech Kosma, John Monteith, Normal Love (Pauline Boudry and Ben Kaan), Guillaume Pilet, Tatiana Rihs, Anne Rochat, Ramaya Tegegne, and Alvaro Urbano.

Curated by Elise Lammer and Denis Pernet

Assistant curator Tommy Camerno

Invited by Eva Wilson

Free Entrance


4-6 pm:
Wojciech Kosma with Yunuen Rhi and Timothy Murray: performance – Public Rehearsal, 2015
with John Beeson, Ivy Fiebig, Sarah Harrison, Wojciech Kosma, Timothy Murray, Yunuen Rhi, Kareth Schaffer and Kandis Williams
6-6.30 pm:
Maud Constantin: interlude – Cici’s Bar, 2015
6.30-7 pm:
Lauren Huret: relaxing session – Relaxing Data, 2015
7-7.30 pm:
Maud Constantin: interlude – Cici’s Bar, 2015
7.30-8 pm:
Ramaya Tegegne with Koen Nutters: performance – Version #3: Alvin Lucier, 2015
8-8.30 pm:
Maud Constantin: interlude – Cici’s Bar, 2015
8.30-9 pm:
Dawn Mok (Felix Mura & Kathy Kwon): sound performance – Dawn Hope, 2015
9-9.30 pm:
Maud Constantin: interlude – Cici’s Bar, 2015
9.30-10 pm:
Laurent Bruttin: sound performance – The Perspective of Shadows, 2015
10-10.30 pm:
Maud Constantin: interlude – Cici’s Bar, 2015
10.30-11 pm:  
Normal Love (Pauline Boudry & Ben Kaan): sound performance
11 pm:
Julian Göthe: DJ set


Guillaupe Pilet, La Mesure Harmonique, 2015 (performed by Maximilian Fafetine)
Tatiana Rihs, Small Pyre Clock, 2015
Anne Rochat, Untitled, 2015


Chairs by Pauline Beaudemont, Untitled, 2015
Windows by John Monteith, Coordinate Spacing, 2015
Stones by Alvaro Urbano, Rocks2015
Daybeds by Donatella Bernardi, Christopher Füllemann, and Gilles Furtwängler
This event is part of a series of workshops and events organised around the artist residency programme Kunsthalle Roveredo, Switzerland.
Photos: Alvaro Urbano, John Monteith, Jason Harrell