Anthea Hamilton & Nicholas Byrne
LOVE IV: Cold Shower
13. February – 10. April 2016

For the exhibition LOVE IV: Cold Shower Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne inhabit the Schinkel Pavillon with an installation of large, free-standing, brightly-coloured inflatable sculptures. The exhibition brings together existing and newly commissioned inflatables from the series LOVE, on which the duo periodically collaborates since 2012. The inflatables take over the exhibition space, both celebrating and collapsing the original experience of an image with their ambiguous presence.

The images are culled freely from a range of sources ranging from art history, popular culture and the aesthetic of the souvenir. Without a clear set of criteria they are selected based on an interlocking system of references that is representative of the idiosyncratic manner of the collaboration – in need of the titular cold shower to release the tension of compactness, like a knot of muscles.