Adam Linder & Shahryar Nashat
Some Strands of Support / Hard Up for Support
28. April – 15. May 2016
Opening: 27. July 11:07

For their exhibition at the Schinkel Pavillon the artists Shahryar Nashat und Adam Linder present two parallel projects in which they place their respective practices, sculpture and dance in dialog. This conversation is not only contrasting their individual approaches but questions the traditions and boundaries of their art forms at large. As part of their time based intervention a sculpture paired with a video by Nashat is activated by a choreography by Linder. These sculptural, filmic and performative elements are presented in a sequence and accompanied by a soundtrack that activates them consecutively. Through this pairing a tension is created between the presence of the performative body, film and sculpture.

Adam Linder danced for many years at the Royal Ballet and worked in the past with Michael Clark and Meg Stuart. Since 2013 he presents his choreographies in the context of the visual arts, sporadically together with the sculptures and films by Shahryar Nashat.

With Porzellan und Vulkan the Schinkel Pavillion presents a yearlong series of exhibitions, performances and interventions that surveys forms of collaborative work as a strategy in current artistic practice. The project unfolds as a group exhibition in temporal succession that is conceived as a snapshot of the practice artistic collectives of various generations. Porzellan und Vulkan features positions that question traditional concepts of authorship, artistic subjectivity and the division of labour and that base their practice on personal relationships and social networks. Long-term collectives and temporary collaborations are invited to make use of the glass octagon of the Schinkel Pavillion and the spaces of the former Schinkel Klause below as an exhibition space, stage, social space and site of production.