Tatiana Trouvé
Somewhere, 18-12-95. An Unknown. 1981
18. January – 9. March 2014

Schinkel Pavillon presents a new site-specific installation by Tatiana Trouvé, in which the artist explores the relationship between the exhibition space and its surroundings. During a visit in Berlin last year, Trouvé could observe the landscape becoming a vast construction site.

From this experience– the viewer cannot ignore this environment, Trouvé developed Somewhere, 18-12-95. An Unknown. 1981 as a pointed dialogue between the Pavilion and its surroundings, by pulling the environment into the exhibition space. A concrete mattress upon a wall, a chair and plastic bags cast in bronze are architectural fragments echoing this urban landscape.

Her drawings, sculptures and installations redefine dimensions of time and space, destabilizing the viewer in both disquieting and familiar settings, and mingling the boundaries between what is real and what is not.

With the kind support of Johann König Gallery.