Cyprien Gaillard
What It Does To Your City
13. September – 25. November 2012

In the exhibition What it Does to Your City at the Schinkel Pavillon, Cyprien Gaillard is presenting ten new sculptures. The French artist takes up an image familiar from museums of natural history and archaeological collections: Three rows of narrow steles define the space. Heavy glass covers protect massive, seemingly precious artefacts. The objects are in fact the teeth of shovel excavators. Years of exposure to the sun in the California desert caused the originally yellow-painted surfaces of these metallic found pieces to age. Cyprien Gaillard presents them individually in upright display cabinets; each combination of teeth and display cabinet respectively constitutes a unity. The sculptures stand for the intervention of human beings in their urban living environment; What it Does to Your City is found with the ubiquitous presence of destructiveness of our time as the driving force of urban architecture.